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Description: Not to be confused with the anise flower, star anise, or Illicium verum, is the fruit of an oriental magnolia tree. The fruit is picked before ripening and dried. Star anise may be used either as a whole pod or ground, and it has a strong bittersweet, licorice-like flavor.

Properties of Star Anise:

There are many potential uses of star anise. It may have both internal as well as external applications. Following are some of the potential properties of star anise:

  1. It may be an antispasmodic (used to relieve muscle spasms)
  2. It may act as an expectorant (used to treat cough)
  3. It may be an anti-microbial
  4. It may act as an analgesic (relieves pain)
  5. It may act like a sedative (induces sleep)
  6. It may have an anticancer potential
  7. It may act as an anti-diarrhoeal
  8. It might help as a diuretic (causes the kidneys to make more urine)
  9. It may have an anti-inflammatory property
  10. It may act as a stimulant (makes one feel awake, energetic, alert and confident)
  11. It may act as a diaphoretic (increases sweating)

Nutritional Value of Star Anise:

100 g of star anise yields almost 359 Kcal energy.

Nutritional ComponentValue per 100 g
Total Fat16 g
Saturated Fat0.6 g
Sodium16 mg
Total carbohydrate50 g
Dietary fibre15 g
Protein18 g
Calcium646 mg
Iron37 mg
Potassium1441 mg

 Nutritional value of star anise per 100 g.

Origin: Native to southwestern China and Vietnam

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