LVN Foods – Calotropis Procera – Aakh ka Phool

LVN Foods – Calotropis Procera – Aakh ka Phool


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LVN Foods - Calotropis Procera - Aakh ka Phool
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LVN Foods – Calotropis Procera – Aakh ka Phool – Aakra plant is 120-150 centimeters high. Mostly, it is found in forests. It is used as homeopathy medicine from the name of Calotropis Giagantea.

Bad affects removal: If someone has eaten over quantity of leaves, flowers or any other parts of calotropis and he is feeling bad effect of it, boil leaves of bastard teak (Plash) in water and give its water to him, it alleviates calotropis poisoning. If wound occurs on the body due to fall milk of calotropis, wash the affected part with above water because it provides relief in it too.

Name In Different Languages:

  • English Name         – Swallow-wort, Calotropis, Milkweed, Mudar, Madar Tree Calotropis gigantea
  • Hindi Name            – Akh, Ak, Madar, Safed Aak, Arkh
  • Latin name            – Calotropis gigantea R.Br.
  • Urdu Name            – Aak, Madar
  • Arabic Name          – Ushar, Ashur
  • Gujarati Name       – Aakado, Akado, Akda, Myhara, Retoakah
  • Persian Name        – Zahar Nak, Kharaq, Zahook
  • Sanskrit Name       – Arka, Alarka, Surya Patra, Mandara, Ravi, Bhanu, Tapana

Useful in various diseases :

1. Piles:

Drip three drops calotropis milk on sugar-cake (Batasa) and take, it provides relief in piles. This process should be used before sunrise.

2. Migraine:
If the pain decreases and increases with sunrise, the patient should eat sugar-cake with two drops calotropis milk before sunrise, it will provide relief soon.
3. Stomachache:
Grind bark of calotropis root, sal-ammoniac, ochre and black peppers one spoon each together there after mix half spoon ground camphor in it. After that, take half spoon this mixture with lukewarm water to get relief in stomachache, constipation, diarrhoea, spleen disorders, cold, cough, fever, hepatitis and other diseases of the stomach.
4. Stone:
Dissolve ten pieces flowers of calotropis with one glass milk and take it in the morning for forty days regularly, it brings stone out.

Disclaimer :

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.


Aakh ka Phool (Calotropis Procera): Nurturing Wellness Through Nature’s Floral Emissary

LVN Foods – Calotropis Procera – Aakh ka PhoolIn the vast tapestry of nature’s offerings, the Calotropis Procera plant, affectionately known as Aakh ka Phool, unfurls its petals as a testament to the profound synergy between botanical brilliance and human well-being. Rooted in tradition and celebrated for its cultural significance, Aakh ka Phool takes center stage as a botanical marvel, and through its exploration by brands like LVN Foods, it emerges as a symbol of holistic wellness.

Botanical Splendor: Calotropis Procera, a resilient and evergreen shrub, graces diverse landscapes, from arid regions to tropical expanses. What distinguishes this plant is its captivating flowers—ethereal blooms that captivate with their intricate design and subtle fragrance. Aakh ka Phool, the blossoms of Calotropis Procera, has been an integral part of traditional practices, weaving itself into the cultural fabric of communities across generations.

Cultural Reverence: Aakh ka Phool holds a sacred place in the cultural and traditional practices of various regions. Revered for its potential health benefits, the plant is often associated with rituals, ceremonies, and herbal remedies. The flowers, leaves, and latex of Calotropis Procera have been employed in traditional medicine, showcasing the profound connection between nature and holistic well-being.

LVN Foods: A Gateway to Authenticity: In the realm of botanical exploration, LVN Foods stands as a torchbearer of authenticity. Recognizing the intrinsic value of Aakh ka Phool, the brand endeavors to encapsulate the true essence of this botanical treasure. By meticulously crafting products that showcase the purity of Calotropis Procera, LVN Foods serves as a conduit between tradition and modern wellness, preserving the authenticity of Aakh ka Phool for the contemporary consumer.

Natural Ingredients, Time-Honored Wisdom: LVN Foods’ commitment to authenticity is reflected in its dedication to natural ingredients. Aakh ka Phool, with its rich history and traditional uses, is a testament to the timeless wisdom embedded in botanical treasures. LVN Foods, by incorporating Aakh ka Phool into its products, seeks to provide consumers with a genuine experience—a journey into the heart of nature’s wisdom.

Versatility in Wellness: Aakh ka Phool, in the hands of LVN Foods, finds versatile expression. The brand’s product offerings may span a spectrum, ranging from teas and extracts to supplements. This versatility allows consumers to explore and integrate the holistic benefits of Calotropis Procera into their wellness routines, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of botanical well-being.

Usage Harmony: To harness the full spectrum of benefits offered by Aakh ka Phool, LVN Foods likely provides clear usage recommendations. Following these guidelines ensures not only the efficacy of the products but also the safety of consumers. As with any herbal supplement, it is advisable for individuals to seek guidance from healthcare professionals, particularly if they have existing health conditions or are on medications.

In the Blooming Embrace: In conclusion, Aakh ka Phool, as presented by LVN Foods, extends an invitation into the blooming embrace of nature’s floral emissary. It transcends being merely a product; it is a conduit for individuals to reconnect with traditional wisdom, to embrace the holistic benefits bestowed by Calotropis Procera. LVN Foods, as a steward of this botanical treasure, not only brings a piece of nature into the hands of consumers but also contributes to the broader narrative of fostering well-being through the harmonious union of tradition and modernity. Aakh ka Phool, through LVN Foods, becomes not just a botanical product but a symbol of reverence for the inherent wisdom of nature.

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